TheEgyptian pyramidsare ancient masonry structures located inEgypt. Sources cite at least 118 identified “Egyptian”pyramids.[1][2]Approximately 80 pyramids were built within theKingdom of Kush, now located in the modern country ofSudan. Of those located in modern Egypt, most were built as tombs for the country’spharaohsand their consorts during theOldandMiddle Kingdomperiods.[3][4][5]

The earliest known Egyptian pyramids are found at Saqqara, northwest of Memphis, although at least one step-pyramid-like structure has been found at Saqqara, dating to the First Dynasty: Mastaba 3808, which has been attributed to the reign of Pharaoh Anedjib, with inscriptions, and other archaeological remains of the period, suggesting there may have been others.[6] The otherwise earliest among these is the Pyramid of Djoser built c. 2630–2610 BCE during the Third Dynasty.[7] This pyramid and its surrounding complex are generally considered to be the world’s oldest monumental structures constructed of dressed masonry.[8]

The most famous Egyptian pyramids are those found at Giza, on the outskirts of Cairo. Several of the Giza pyramids are counted among the largest structures ever built.[9] The Pyramid of Khufu is the largest Egyptian pyramid. It is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence, despite its being the oldest wonder by about 2,000 years.[10]