Aswan City


Aswan is an enchanting city in Egypt, located between 500 and 600 kilometers south of Cairo, at the confluence of the Nile River and its two tributaries, the Blue and White Niles. As the southern limit of ancient Egypt, Aswan is a city steeped in history, visited by Pharaohs, explorers and adventurers. It is a melting pot of many cultures, with an older identity in the form of the Nubian people. Aswan is an ideal city for tourism, boasting both natural beauty and wonderful historical attractions.

The most important monument in Aswan is the exquisite and iconic Philae Temple, which dates to the times of the Pharaohs. Constructed in the 13th century BC and honoring the goddess Isis, the Philae Temple is situated on Agilika Island in the Nile River, and quite remarkable for its age. Visitors can take a tour of the temple’s interiors, where an intricate system of hieroglyphs adorn the walls and pillars, providing an understanding into life at that time.

On the east bank of the Nile, the temple of Kom Ombo is also a fascinating tourist attraction. This structure, built to house two gods – Horus and Sobek – is especially notable for its double entrance. It is also home to a crypt from the Late Basaltic period and a court of Ramesses III. It’s surrounded by lush gardens, and also includes a Roman sanctuary.

The Nubian village of Nubat Al Aswan, a UNESCO world heritage site, is an enchanting maze of narrow streets and mud houses. It offers a true insight into life in southern Egypt through its local markets and craft workshops, fiercely retaining its cultural heritage by speaking the Nubian language and offering traditional Nubian cuisine.

Visitors will likely take a trip to the spectacular Aswan High Dam, built in the early 1960’s to control the river and protect the city from floods. On the west bank of the Nile, the Elephantine Colossus of Ramses II and the granaries of the Temple of Khnum are also popular attractions.

Aswan provides a great opportunity to explore a culture that stretches back to ancient Egypt, and tourists will also enjoy taking in the city’s breathtaking scenes of natural beauty and relaxation. For those interested in history, monuments and culture, Aswan is a must-see destination.